GAEMS Sentry G155

GAEMS Sentry G155
  • PS4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
Portable gaming made easy.



Your Identity


GAEMS G155™ allows gamers to express their
individuality. Select a custom skin or logo badge for
your G155™ and stand out in the crowd.
It’s your identity.
The entertainment is yours.
The game is yours.

Your Entertainment



The G155™ and your Xbox® provide the perfect
entertainment solution for individuals and families.
Transform any space into your own Personal Gaming
Environment™ (PGE™).
The ultimate 15.5” entertainment platform to enjoy
games, DVDs, or even stream media like *Netflix,
*HULU, or even *YouTube anytime, just about anywhere.
*Subscription services may be required.



The G155™ delivers a unique in-fiction gaming
experience. Secure any Xbox 360® platform,
controller(s) and power supply and transform any
space into your own personal gaming environment.
Finally, access to gaming on your terms.