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Bluemouth Interactive Company Profile

Established in 2003 as a family business, Bluemouth Interactive is a leading independent supplier of video game, mobile phone and audio accessories in Asia Pacific.

Bluemouth’s award winning product portfolio and regional distribution capability have positioned the business at the leading edge of entertainment distribution.

Bluemouth prides itself on being a business that truly understands its customer and can provide proactive, scalable and compelling solutions. The strategic mix of licensed content and technically innovative product ensures that the business remains highly visible, readily adaptable and well positioned for ongoing growth.

Bluemouth’s Management team is comprised of entertainment industry professionals who have previously held senior roles at leading public companies including Disney, Take-Two, THQ, Paramount and Warner.

The management team place strong emphasis on customer relationships. This insistence on genuine partnership and market development ensures that Bluemouth Interactive remain the trusted business partner of choice for Asia Pacific.